Top 5 Best DJ Software for Windows PC 2013 – Free Download

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If you really like music and want to create your own unique playlist then you should try out doing it via DJ software. You can mix songs, create lots of unique visualizations and special effects to create a unique kind of playlist that is perfect to be played on DJ.

There are lots of software available only few of them are really worth. You can go for the paid software but you can start creating playlists with the free software first. If you feel like you are really good as DJ then you can purchase paid software.

Free DJ Software for Windows PC 2013

DJ Software for Windows

Here is a list of top DJ free software available in 2013 for Windows. All these softwares run well till Windows 7 OS and few of them are also compatible with the Windows 8 as well.

#1 Virtual DJ

This one is the most popular DJ software and it receives the highest user’s ratings and reviews. The home screen UI looks really mixed with plenty of options using which you can create your own playlist. You can play two songs or audio files at a time.

 Virtual DJ

Inside the software you will find all the possible mixing effects that can be added. You can simply drop the audio file to open it. The additional feature inside is that you can record your playlist on CD or on internet radio. The only negative thing associated with it according to me is that you will need lots of time to understand its UI.

#2 Mixxx (64 bit one also)

The complicated UI of the software resulted it to stand at second position in the list here otherwise it is best free DJ software available for Windows. You can start of your career as DJ and very soon you will be able to see you as a professional one.


You will find all the mixing features inside it. You can control a song at any time using its Vinyl control. There are lots of equalizing features available as well with the mixing ones. It is also available in the 64 bit version.

#3 DJ ProDecks

I personally used this software and liked it at most. The UI was the simplest one that I had ever saw in a DJ software and the software was packed with all the features that I needed to mix up audio files.

 DJ ProDecks

It has special echo feature, special sounds, automatic beat detection, special equalizer, scratch effects and a search bar using which you can search easily your favorite number. It supports almost every popular audio format so you will feel like a professional DJ after creating your playlist.

#4 Dj ProMixer

The UI is pretty mixed up with the features and you will need more time to understand all the features of it. Yet the software is worth to be used because it has almost all the mixing and visualization features.

 Dj ProMixer

The users who had used it are reviewing it as a good one so you can try it out if you didn’t liked the upper ones.

#5 Hit’n’Mix Play

This one is very unique and interesting DJ software and lets you mix your entire audio file to create your own unique playlist that you will play next Saturday night. The UI is pretty good and I liked the visualization much.

The software comes with a guide (in pdf) using which you can find out how to use it to become professional DJ. It has a special feature using which it is able to find out which instrument is being played on right now. The software is available for free and it is compatible with all Windows version though I didn’t try it on Windows 8.

All these software are available for free and if you are using the Windows 8 then you can try using first three softwares. All of them will work with all previous versions of Windows OS.

Download for PC

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