Top 10 Best Windows 7 Antivirus Software for 2013

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Year 2013 is about to come, people are already busy making plans for the New Year. Antivirus companies have already geared up to bring the latest antivirus software’s for the computers running on Windows 7 operating system. Today I’m going to list down top 10 antivirus for Windows 7 OS.

1)   Norton Antivirus:

Windows 7 Antivirus Software

Norton is world leader in security software, it is one of the most trusted antivirus used by many people all around the world. The Norton Internet Suite is already here, it not only protects computer from malicious virus, spyware but also checks for all download files. One of the biggest downside with Norton Antivirus is it eats lots of resources making computer slow.

2)   Kaspersky Antivirus:


Kaspersky is my favorite, I’m using Kaspersky from quite a long time and till now I have not faced any problem related to either slow pc or with any virus issue. Kaspersky is one of the most trusted antivirus after Norton. Those user who wants an antivirus that perform well without slowing down the computer they can opt for Kaspersky.

3)   Quick Heal Antivirus:

Windows 7 Antivirus Software

Quick Heal is another great antivirus which provides unbeatable protection from malware, spyware, rootkits and also from online threats. The antivirus has lots of amazing features like malware threat level i.e. when the program will detect the virus, it will give a prompt according to the threat level. Quick Heal antivirus is available as Quick Heal Antivirus Pro, Quick Heal Internet Security and Quick Heal Total Security.

4)   Bit Defender Antivirus:

Windows 7 Antivirus SoftwareWhen Bit Defender came into existence at that time it was not able to create a buzz in the security software market but as time goes on, it has become one of the best antivirus program available in the market. The easy to use interface and protection has really impressed user from all around the globe. The antivirus helps to scan computer, emails, and instant messengers and hence helps to protect the system from all around. Check this out too : BitDefender Total Security 2013 Review.

5)   MacAfee Antivirus:

Antivirus Software

MacAfee antivirus is the oldest antivirus which is present in the security software atmosphere, and MacAfee is world leader in providing internet safety. Many big companies trust MacAfee. Guys who work at MacAfee have already geared up to bring the latest product for home and business user.

 6)   AVG Antivirus:

Antivirus Software

AVG is popularly known to provide computer security with its free version. AVG takes good care of the computer with its free version but if user opts for the paid version of AVG then apart from the normal features user will get features like shield protection which prevents opening of infected files, AVG 2013 comes with lots of new added features like AVG PC TuneUP, AVG Secure Search etc.

7)   Avast Antivirus :

Antivirus Software

This is yet another awesome antivirus available both in free and paid version. Just like AVG, Avast is also one the great software which has dominated the security software market from a long time. Normal user who don’t want to sell out few bucks to buy the paid version they can opt for free version. However the free version doesn’t provide the same protection that other paid version of antivirus does but it proofs to be sufficient.

8)   Avira Antivirus:

Antivirus SoftwareAvira antivirus is one the biggest dominator in free antivirus protection segment and this is because of the reason that the free version provides very decent system protection as compared to pro version. An individual who is looking to for a free antivirus they can go for Avira.

9)   Zone Alarm Antivirus:

Antivirus SoftwareMany people don’t know about Zone Alarm antivirus, it is one the best antivirus software in terms of firewall protection. Zone Alarm is designed to provide best protection from spyware, virus, rootkits etc. Zone Alarm is computer resource hungry so to use this antivirus user should have a decent computer.

10)  Panda Antivirus:

Antivirus SoftwarePanda antivirus is yet another big contender for the best antivirus for Windows 7. Panda antivirus comes with amazing malware protection, firewall and quarantine support. Panda antivirus is available in both free and paid version and provides robust performance.

All the above antivirus are Windows 7 compatible and can be downloaded from there respective antivirus websites. Do let us know which security software is your favorite in your comments below.

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Abhishek is a software engineer and a computer geeks who often writes about desktop virtualization, software reviews, fix to computer problems, tutorials etc.


2 Responses to “Top 10 Best Windows 7 Antivirus Software for 2013”

  1. Rahmat Mulyadi

    Oct 11. 2012

    Kaspersky is my favorite, but since a year ago i just stick with Microsoft Security Essential.

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  2. Jack

    Oct 15. 2012

    Hey folks, my favorite AV is here, I have been using Quick Heal for the past 5 years and I am very happy to continue it for a long time. Highly recommended to those who care for the security of your computer and the data inside it.

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