System Mechanic 11 Review & Free Serial Keys [Giveaway]

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System Mechanic 11 is the latest version of the most popular PC optimization or speed up software from iolo technologies – a tech company that releases different kinds of software products.

If you are worried about your computer’s slow speed or performance, then System Mechanic is a must have software for you that will do everything necessary to improve your PC’s performance automatically with just a few clicks on the buttons from the users.

With this software, you can boost up your computer’s startup speed, the internet speed as well as the performance of the built in as well as the external programs. And if you are an avid gamer, then it’s also an useful software for you as it can increase your gaming performance on the go.

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System Mechanic 11 Review

System Mechanic

Apart from that, it contains features like CCleaner which you can put into work to keep your computer clean from unnecessary temporary files, delete cache files, removing browser data including history & cache, memory dumps and also fix up the registry errors & disk fragments.

The software includes a System Analysis function which can find out all the computer problems and errors within a couple of minutes, and fix it with just one click of your mouse. After analyzing the problems, you can either view the problems or fix all of them instantly by clicking on the “Repair All” button.

System Mechanic ActiveCare

It also comes up with another great feature namely ActiveCare which automatically analyzes all of your computer’s problems in background even when you are doing other things on your PC such as listening music, browsing the internet, playing games etc.

You just don’t need to worry about your computer’s performance when the ActiveCare service is running, as it automatically optimizes startup programs, the internet configuration, prevents the hard drives from fragmentation & misalignment, recovers unused memory, repairs registry issues, repairs broken shortcuts & links, fixes up security vulnerabilities, backups the registry in every 14 days, cleans up system clutter etc.

System Mechanic Internet Security

System Mechanic also includes an Internet Security program that minds out the security of the computer. It allows users to manage your antivirus or antivirus and the firewall program right from your System Mechanic dashboard. You can either enable, disable or make changes to the preferences about setting up your anti-malware and the firewall for the security of your personal computer.

System Mechanic Tools

Furthermore, it comes up with an all in one Toolbox that contains differ essential tools keep your computer lag free and keep it optimized for better performance. It includes a tool namely PC Accelerator which can increase your computer’s speed up to 300% by running different performance enhancer tools at once. PC Repair another utility within the toolbox that provides a wizard to repair system errors, registry issues and crashing problems within a few seconds. Another tool is PC Cleanup which can quickly free up disk space on your hard drives by deleting the dumped and the unused log & temporary files. “PC Security” is another tool that lets you fix the all security flaws and vulnerabilities, by a simple wizard of processes. Apart from that, it includes many other individual tools such as Energy Booster, Startup Optimizer, Designated Drivers, Memory Mechanic, Net Booster, Registry Tuneup, Process Manager, Privacy Cleaner, Advanced Uninstaller, System Troubleshooter etc. to keep your computer fast and free from glitches.

System Mechanic 11 Free Serial Keys [Giveaway]


System Mechanic 11 Pro

We have just partnered with iolo to bring a giveaway of free System Mechanic 11 serial keys for the readers of The Internet Buzzer. We will be giving away 5 license keys of System Mechanic to 5 lucky readers of this blog. You can win a free serial key of this software product by following the necessary steps below so as to become an eligible participant:

Remember that the giveaway starts from today 12 PM (GMT -8:00) i.e. 17th April 2013 and will end on 3rd of May 2013. At last, I just want to say best of luck to all of you, I hope you win one of the given away keys :).

Download for PC

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17 Responses to “System Mechanic 11 Review & Free Serial Keys [Giveaway]”

  1. Arjun

    Apr 18. 2013

    I don’t focus on my PC performance much, I don’t even have an Antivirus installed… Looks like System Mechanic 11 can help me optimize my PC without much efforts !!
    Thanks for the giveaway Priyangshu !! 🙂
    I hope I’ll Win !!

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  2. Ana

    Apr 18. 2013

    Thanks for this giveaway!

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  3. Chris Knopff

    Apr 18. 2013

    General maintenance tool to help someone manage their system easier. Not for me, but someone else. =)

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  4. roel william

    Apr 18. 2013

    This is by far the best tuning software I’ve ever worked with.
    Even for a less experienced user it is understandable software.

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  5. Volodymyr

    Apr 18. 2013

    Fantastic softvare! Thanks for this giveaway!
    Count me in please!

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    Apr 18. 2013

    Thank you this giveaway.

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  7. mieszko

    Apr 18. 2013


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  8. prought

    Apr 18. 2013

    Great app. It would be nice to win one. Thanks.

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  9. Vaibhav S

    Apr 19. 2013

    Hi Priyangshu,

    Thanks for nice giveaway.
    I would like to win the key to use it as this time its looking much worthy.

    Vaibhav S

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  10. vinay

    Apr 19. 2013

    Q – Comment below about your views about System Mechanic 11 and why do you want to win it.
    Answer – System Mechanic 11 Complete Package with Cleaning & Maintaining System Performance. System Mechanic 11 Power ful Tool And I need Powerful Tool that’s why i need System Mechanic 11.

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  11. mieszko

    Apr 20. 2013

    Great idea! I hope a I can win as well. 😉

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  12. No Name

    Apr 20. 2013


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  13. surevks

    Apr 20. 2013

    excellent progrm.. thanks for giveaway…….

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  14. DeLo

    Apr 21. 2013

    Thanks!! This is one of the Great GrandDaddys of all system utilities–has every important feature and a sterling reputation for reliability!!! We all are pleased with the opportunity to receive this software package! As to why? With System Mechanic 11, there is no need to purchase any other system software!!!!!

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  15. haha

    Apr 26. 2013

    I would like to win because it is the best software in its kind.

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