Subway Surfers for PC – Direct Download Link

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Subway Surfers for PC – Direct Download Link, How to Download Subway Surfers for PC, Play Subway Surfers on PC for Free: We have already shared with you guys a tutorial earlier about how to download & play the Subway Surfers game on PC, computer – desktop or laptop. In that post, we have covered that Subway Surfers for PC can be played easily with the help of Intel AppUp. You can get the game by installing the Intel AppUp software on your computer, an then installing the game from there. But some of our readers have commented on that post that they are unable to find the game in Intel AppUp, so if you are one of those people – what should you do now? You don’t need to worry buddy. We are today bring you the direct download link of Subway Surfers for PC. You’ve heard it right, you can now download Subway Surfers for PC – the setup file, install it and start playing it on  your computer straight away. Before going into the main part, let’s have a look at what this game is all about and its features.


Subway Surfers – A Description



Subway Surfers is a popular running game, much like Temple Run, which has been developed by Kiloo Games & Sybo Games. Launched in 2012, this mobile game has attracted millions of gamers and made them addictive to it. Whenever we talk about running games, Subway Surfers comes on the top, personally it’s my favorite beating Temple Run too. The game provides an endless running adventure on your mobile devices, including Android, iOS and Kindle. In the game, you need to help Jake and his friends from escaping from the Inspector and his dog who are chasing you because of painting on the trains. You are now supposed to run along the Subway of the railways across different cities of different countries, such as Paris, Miami, Rome, Sidney, Brazil etc. Each new version of the game brings new cities as well as new characters. Although, Subway Surfers is not officially available for PC, but you can obviously get its unofficial version and play it on your computer. Keep on reading to know more about it.

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Subway Surfers for PC – Free Download


Subway Surfers for PC

Subway Surfers for PC – How to Download Subway Surfers for PC: If you are an avid fan or addict of this awesome running game, and have been playing it on your Android smartphone or tablet; iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch since long, and now willing to download & play this game on your PC, then this post is go for you. This post will guide you through the whole process of downloading, installing and playing Subway Surfers on PC. Just read on to know more:

(1) First of all, make sure you are connected to the internet and then follow the below given download link of Subway Surfers for PC:

Download Subway Surfers for PC | File Name: Subway Surfers for PC.Zip

(2) I’ve packed the game in a .zip file, so after download the .zip file of Subway Surfers onto  your PC, you just need to extract it using a suitable program like WinZip, Winrar or the default ZIP extractor available on Windows operating system.

Subway Surfers


(3) Once the .zip file is extracted, you can find the game files in the directory to which you have extracted it and play it right away by clicking on the ‘Subway_Surfers.exe‘ file. You don’t need to install it, just download and play.


Subway Surfers on PC


(4) After clicking on the Subway_Surfers.exe application file, a new prompt window will come up, which will ask you to set your gaming preferences including the graphics options and the input setup. Just select your resolution, quality & the gaming mode – i.e. full screen or windowed, and you are ready to play it. If you are playing it for the first time, then check out the controls of the game below:


Subway Surfers for PC Configuration


Jump – Swipe your mouse upward

Slide – Swipe your mouse downward

Move to the Left – Swipe your mouse to the left

Move to the Right – Swipe your mouse to the right

Hoverboard – Double left click on your mouse


That’s it. You are now ready to play Subway Surfers on your PC. Just download the game, and follow the instructions provided above. If you are facing any trouble while downloading, installing and playing Subway Surfers on your PC, then just let us know about it in the comments, we will try our best to solve out your problems. And if you are already playing it on your computer, then just let us know your opinions about this game – rate the game out of 5, waiting for all of your feedback!

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Download for PC

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  1. vaibhav

    Aug 07. 2013

    plz tell me that SUBWAY SURFERS game can be played on pc with WINDOWS XP SERVICE PACK 2 ??IF yes how??

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  2. zeenath

    Aug 09. 2013

    if i use the touchpad what are the controls?

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  3. shreya

    Aug 13. 2013

    it does not show ;play; option at all after opening subway surfers… he is going on painting n painting…

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  4. RACS

    Aug 22. 2013

    same problem….it doesnt show any of the options ..he is just painting…wat to do?

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  5. hema

    Sep 16. 2013

    it doesnt show any options

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  6. Mahendra

    Sep 19. 2013

    I am also install Subway Surfers game on my PC, it’s working fine, thank for providing..

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  7. rahul

    Oct 24. 2013

    thank you its working

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  8. vignesh

    Oct 29. 2013

    can u give me subway surfer orleans in this type

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  9. pratik

    Nov 08. 2013

    I have installed subway surfer using Intel App Up in my lenovo laptop(Windows 8). But I am unable to use play controls…the boy runs & runs…automatically….without accepting any controls from keyboard & mouse & touchpad on my laptop

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  10. Armaan

    Nov 16. 2013

    i have download this game from many sites and install it but when i hit the play button the boy keeps spraying help me…… if you can

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  11. neeraj kumar

    Nov 22. 2013

    please sir i want a link to download the subway smurfs game

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  12. rickwith

    Dec 05. 2013

    how to download subway surfer game ra sulli

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  13. VELS

    Dec 30. 2013

    I have the same problem. When i open the game, the boy keeps spraying. No play options are shown. Please help me to solve the problem.

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  14. venkatesh mist

    Jan 01. 2014

    it does not show ;play option at all after opening subway surfers… he is going on painting and painting…;(

    plz give solution….

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  15. PRINCE

    Aug 24. 2014


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