Bluetooth Not Working on Samsung Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Note 2 [Solved]

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Galaxy S3 and Note 2 are the most popular android smartphone and if someone creates list of top 10 smartphones then both the devices get their position.

Bluetooth Not Working

As these are the most popular ones and Samsung’s best selling so there must be lots of trouble with both the smartphones.

A common trouble which I found over lots of forums and blogs is related to Bluetooth. People are mostly searching for “Bluetooth not working on Galaxy S3 or on Note 2”.

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So here I’m with the solution for you. The general issues are with the external Bluetooth devices that can be connected or the Bluetooth at the car dashboard.

Common Case

I got a case for you here and I found it with most of the users of both the devices.

Galaxy S3 and Note 2 has got the S voice recognition and commands feature but if we use it over the Bluetooth then device are not able to make out what a user is speaking. The same problem goes with the in car Bluetooth system.

Samsung Galaxy S3

So whets the solution for this problem or any other Bluetooth related problem?


I’m including here best solutions to the problem. Hope you get them solved. Unfortunately, if not? Then move on to the Samsung’s service center or you can go to cellular carrier’s service center as well.

    1. You can reset your Bluetooth device so that all the settings get back to normal and then connect it with your device. Hopefully the problem will get solved.
    2. Check out the settings of Bluetooth. There must be something which you’re still missing to touch. Make sure the Bluetooth and device are sync well.
    3. When Bluetooth device is connected then you’ll see a notification related to connectivity. Tap on the settings gear there and make sure you check both media and call options.
    4. If you’ve paired your device and facing the problem then you need to unpair it first and then do the pairing again.
    5. This one you may like or may not. It’s an app known by Cyberon Voice. It is available in lots of languages but you need to pay for it. The app is worth of its price and available at the GooglePlay store. Installing this app will solve every problem that you’re facing right now with Bluetooth connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

If nothing works then you should look for firmware update. Samsung has provided firmware updates for both the devices and fixed all these bugs. Connect device to PC with Kies running and check for firmware updates. If you find any update then install it.

If you’re having any other problems related to Bluetooth connectivity and comment it down and I’ll try to solve it out.

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4 Responses to “Bluetooth Not Working on Samsung Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Note 2 [Solved]”

  1. talha

    Jun 21. 2013

    My s3 bluetooth cannot connect any other mobile….when I ON the bluetooth it will automatically OFF.This problem started when I upgraded to custom ROM..And speaker and mic also not working when I use normal call by sim..But when I use viber or skype calling its working??HELP!!! 🙁

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  2. Britt

    Jul 31. 2013

    I have now had one note and now a second both phones shut down when on bluetooth if someone hangs up first before i hang up my phone when connected to bluetooth I am about to return this phone too and go to a different brand as I need bluetooth to work at least this second phone doesnt turn itself off if you put it in a bag or turn it no its side .

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  3. Josh

    Aug 08. 2013

    My S3 stopped communicating with my truck and my lg tone headset after a recent patch. They replaced my phone but it still does not function. I can force it to play but its like it does not exist. My truck says there are no blue tooth apps running on my phone over and over again.

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    • Narendran

      Aug 24. 2013

      I have Samsung galaxy note 2 and Samsung bluetooth device HM1300.. I’m able to connect this bluetooth device with other Nokia mobile but not able to connect with my galaxy note 2.. I switched off my mobile and tried too.. kindly help me. .

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