How to Root Any Android Device ?

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There are lots of rooting firmwares available for almost every Android smartphone or tablet and these firmwares are developed by many developers because of the open source characteristic of the Android. These custom ROM firmwares can be used to root any device which let the users get into the development mode and install any custom ROM operating system version. The main benefit of the rooting is that it provides complete system authorities to the user but it also breaks the warranty conditions issued by the manufacturer of the smartphone or tablet.

The kind of Custom ROM you are upgrading your smartphone/tablet with has its own different rooting firmware but there is one general tool available using which users can root any android smartphone or tablet but they should be running on either ICS or Jelly Bean versions of Android.Rooting Any Android Device

Bin4ry’s Root tool is developed by XDA developers that is capable of rooting almost every android smartphone or tablet easily which are running on ether ICS or Jelly Bean versions. This is a very easy and fast tool developed by Bin4ry member of the XDA developer’s team and it is available to be used with any device.

You can use our tutorial here which will guide you throughout the process of using this powerful tool to root any android device but make sure that it operates on either ICS or Jelly Bean. The tool has been checked with most of the devices and it runs perfect but it’s not sure with every case. So you are doing this at your own risk and no guarantee from the developer is provided. The best you can do is that, read the guide carefully before actually start using it.


Before going for the rooting process, there are certain requirements which you must check out.

  • Make sure that your device operates on either Android ICS or Jelly Bean i.e. 4.0.x or 4.1.x versions.
  • Enable the USB debugging option from the development settings in your device.
  • Back up all your personal stuff (apps, files, folders, APNs, Call log, Phone book, Messages, etc) stored on your device.
  • If you are using any security app then disable that on your device.
  • Recharge the battery of your device to at least 80% of the total.
  • Download and install the official USB drivers of your device on your PC or laptop so that the device gets connected properly.
  • At last, download the Bina4ry’s Root tool on your PC or laptop.

Steps to Root any Android Device

Now follow these steps to root your device with this powerful tool,

Bin4ry’s Root tool

  • Once the download of the tool is finished, then extract the zip file in a new folder or any directory and look for ‘RunMe.bat’ and ‘’ files in a subfolder named ‘stuff’.
  • Now if the operating system on your PC or laptop is Windows then click on ‘RunMe.bat’ file and if it is Linux then click on ‘’ to start the tool.
  • Now choose one option from these three, Normal (for any device but not of Sony), Special (only if device is of Sony) and Unroot (to unroot your device).
  • Now connect your device with the original USB cable and follow the instructions which are flashed on your device’s screen.

That’s it! This is how you can root your device using this general tool developed by Bin4ry.

Download for PC

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