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If you love to chat online, then you must be familiar with the popular chatting site Omegle. The best unique point of the site is that it allows you to chat with strangers from all over the globe. This site is very popular and is free to use. All you need to do  set the options for search  and then can have a chat with them.

Using Omegle

Using Omegle is simple. Just point your browser to Set the search options to search strangers. You can search based on your interest so as to meet the strangers with common interest.

There is also a spy mode which allows you to spy on other strangers with a discussion based on any question. This question is set by the third part, which monitors all the conversation but does not take part in the conversation.


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One new feature in the Omegle also allows you to make a search on the basis of Facebook like. Once selected this option, you need to connect with your FB profile and then you can make a search for strangers based on your FB likes. After setting the search options, you will be right there in the chat box.


Chatting on Omegle

So after entering into the chat box, the chatting with strangers start. You will be connected to a random stranger and you can start can having text chat with him/her by typing for your keyboard.  If any stranger is not interested in chatting with you, then you will get warning in the chat box about it and then you can move on to next stranger.

Changing Interest

If you want to change your interest based search, then disconnect from the chat box and go to the settings tab. There you can find the change interest option. Simply use to change your interest and to redefine the search settings.

 Saving Chat Logs   

You can also save chat logs or can directly post it on your social networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter. You can find the link for it, in the chat box itself.

So are you ready to chat with new strangers. Omegle is free to use and no sign up is required at all, check on your own.

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