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Android official store Google Play keeps hitting with new apps coming from the developers from all over the globe. Android has made it simple to send and receive text messages, but one thing that we should accept is that, still we can’t use SMS as major mode of communication as we use the voice chat. Composing message and sending it to others, is simple on Android but still not at its best.

If any new message hits our Android phone, then we have to pick up the phone to access the message. This is something uncomfortable. But you don’t have to worry now as it can be done via the awesome app named Mighty Text. The app is totally free and can be downloaded from the Google Play.

Mighty Text app allows you to sync the messages from your Android to PC so that you can access any new message hitting your Android phone, directly on the PC. You can send messages from PC as well. All the messages are routed via Android and charge the same as your number carrier does. The best feature that I like in the app is that it sends messages from your established mobile no. and the receiver  need not to install any software on his/her phone to receive and access message. Moreover, the app is free to download and free to use as well.

Along with the support of messages, it also support MMS, Call logs, Missed Call Alerts etc.

Features At Glance

  • Send and receive messages from your computer
  • Uses your established phone no.
  • Free to use and starts working in 60 seconds
  • Missed call alerts, call logs, MMS support
  • Free to download and no additional cost

There are many more apps based on the same concept. But this one is undoubtedly the best out of them. The feature that makes it unique is the support of your mobile no. and no addition fee on sending messages.

So impressed from the app? Well, you must have. Then what are you waiting for. Download the app from the link given below and start using it.

Download Mighty Text 

Download for PC

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