“You have been logged on with temporary profile” – How to Fix this Error in Windows 7 & 8?

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My experience with the windows 7 is the best from any other windows. I used Windows 98, XP, Vista earlier but I found only the XP best. Soon as the Windows 7 was launched I installed it and found it even best than the XP.

Every operating system has many security and temporary holes that create problems. Sometimes these problems become so severe that we are not able to use the system.


One of the severe problems I found in the windows 7 is that it showed me an error texted as “You have been logged on with temporary profile.”

I found this error when I logged in with my ID and password and windows was first preparing the desktop (as it does when windows 7 starts for the first time) and then I was with this error.

I thought the error was just a warning so I ignored it and started my system as usually but windows didn’t allow me to do anything. I was not able to access my files and folders because windows was shouting for the temporary profile. Suddenly I found that all my desktop customization was not there. The OS was looking like a fresh copy.

Best Solution, I thought!

I thought restarting my system will fix it but as soon the system got restarted then I was again with the same problem. So restarting the system will not work with this problem.

Cause of the Problem

I went on researching on the topic using my laptop but didn’t find any useful source. Then I got the Microsoft’s official answer which says that this problem occurs because the current user account is deleted (accidently). I don’t know the reason behind how the account got deleted but may be some virus or malware had done that.

Windows Support

Fixing the Problem i.e. Solution

First thing that you should know is that this method will work only if the problem is being faced by the user account not the administrator account. Now follow these steps to recover from the problem,

  1. Login with the admin account that is not facing this problem.
  2. Now delete the user’s profile folder which you will find in the documents. Delete the complete folder.
  3. Now click start button and search for “regedit” and then start it.
  4. You will find lots of registry keys, find this one “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList.”
  5. Now delete the file named as “SID.bak”.
  6. Now close the “regedit”, log off the system and login again.
  7. Create new user account again.

That’s it! This is how you can fix this error in Windows 7. While using Windows 8 you need to search “regedit” using the OS search and then follow the same steps.


The above method will solve the problem but you should take some precautions as well so that the problem doesn’t come again.

  1. You should always keep backup of the system in a drive other than “C:”.
  2. Create a system restore point so that you can restore your system to that point in case of any such problem.
  3. Keep your system clean and secure using antivirus software. Make sure the antivirus program is updated.

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Hope you are able to fix the problem using the above method. If not, then comment below and allow me to help you. If you like article then hit +1 and share to your friends.

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One Response to ““You have been logged on with temporary profile” – How to Fix this Error in Windows 7 & 8?”

  1. anand

    Jul 17. 2013

    I am using windows 8 . i got the same problem.
    I dont know how to fix it. I dont know how this problem occured in my
    system. is it possible to get proper login after deleting bak file in the regedit.
    could you please assure me to do that?
    What i noticed in the regedit it create new profile list with same key of
    bak file.
    shall delete or rename the ,bak file into new file name by deleting the new file?

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