How to Use Your Galaxy S3 Smart Phone to Connect to the Internet on Your PC via Bluetooth Tethering ?

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Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S3 Android smart phone ? Are you willing to share your mobile phone’s internet connection with your computer and then browse the web on your PC using mobile internet connection as the hotspot ? Yes, it is possible to do so by tethering your mobile connection with the computer via bluetooth as well as through a USB data cable. When I don’t have access to the internet on my laptop, I usually follow this method and browse the internet without any problem, however I must commit that it will be a little slower as compared to the speed of your broadband connection on the based of your mobile network. But it is pretty okay when you have no choice of connecting your computer to the internet as it will provide you a working net connection which shall allow you to at least browse your favorite websites. Now, let’s get started with the tutorial and have a look at the simple steps you will need to follow to set up your Galaxy S3 with the computer and share your mobile internet to enjoy the internet on you computer :

Bluetooth Tethering

(1) First of all, plug in a bluetooth device with your computer or use your laptop’s default one.

(2) Go to the notifications bar on your phone (drag it out from the top) and turn on bluetooth by tapping on the icon. After that, make it visible to the paired devices so as to make a connection with your computer.

(3) After that, add your mobile phone i.e. the Galaxy S3 via bluetooth. To do so, click on the start button, go to – ‘Devices and Printers‘, select – ‘Add Device‘ and then verify the connection between the two devices by confirming the verification code on your devices.

(4) Now, go to – ‘Settings > Wireless and Networks > More Settings > Tethering and Portable Hotspot‘ and then turn on – ‘Bluetooth Tethering‘, by tick marking the appropriate option.

(4) Right after that, go to – ‘Devices and Printers‘ on your computer from the start menu and righti click on your phone’s name i.e. GT-I9300, by default.

(5) Now, just hover your mouse on the – ‘Connect Using‘ option and then click on – ‘Access Point‘ from the sided out menu.


That’s all, you are now done. Your mobile phone’s internet connection is now being shared with your computer and you will now be able to browse the internet on your PC without even having a modem, dongle or a dial up connection. If you want to make this happen with a USB data cable, then just stay tuned with us, we will soon be sharing with you a guide on performing the same with a USB cable.

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2 Responses to “How to Use Your Galaxy S3 Smart Phone to Connect to the Internet on Your PC via Bluetooth Tethering ?”

  1. Spencer Carroll

    Jun 15. 2013

    I did this and on my windows 7 Samsung series 7 chronos and it connected to the phone and showed me the network connection but I still don’t have an Internet connection. I have a Galaxy s3 sprint phone. I was wondering if it was because I didn’t have enough wifi hotspot service on my plan.

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  2. Rick Svhultz

    Sep 10. 2013

    Have the computer Bluetooth connected to my phone and the tether switch is on… in my phone along with the access point is on and says the Bluetooth Connection Successful… still no I ternet. HELP!!!!

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