How to Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion with Windows 7 on Virtualbox

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Finally OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 has been launched and you will be glad to know that you can install it using Virtualbox. Yes, you can install Mac OS X Mountain Lion With Windows 7 on Virtualbox.

In this complete step by step guide, I am going to explain the same. So let’s have a look at it. But before let’s have a look at the computer requirements before proceeding with the guide.

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Computer Requirements

To install Mac OS X Mountain Lion on Windows 7, you require to have Windows 7 (lol it’s obvious) on your system. As you know that the Mac OS X is 64 bit operating system, thus you also  need to have 64 bit version of Windows 7.

Talking about the hardware requirements, your computer must have 4 GB RAM at least and dual core processor for speed purposes. Also you need to have 10 GB free space on your hard disk. You can check your system stats by going to the properties of My Computer.

General Requirements

  • Virtualbox: You can get it free for Windows version by following this link.
  • Mountain Lion bootable DVD:  The paid copy of Mountain OS X installer does not work with the Virtualbox. So you will have to use booted DVD copies of the same. You can download the pirated copy from any torrent website. Make sure that you have fast internet connection as the file if of 4.5 GB and can take lots of time to download completely.

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  • Hackboot 1 / Hackboot 2: After downloading the bootable DVD, it can’t be installed as it. You need to have Olarila’s Hackboot CD to start the process. to start the Mountain Lion installer, you need to have Hackboot 1 and to start the Mountain Lion itself, you need to have Hackboot 2. You can download the Hackboot 1 from here and Hackboot 2 from this link.
  • Multibeast: After the initial installation, you need  to set up the Mountain Lion virtual machine. For this you need to register here. 

Steps to Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion with Windows 7 on Virtualbox

So now you are ready to install Mac OS X Mountain Lion with Windows 7 on Virtualbox. Follow this step by step guide.

  • First of all download the Virtualbox from the official site. You can download it from this link. If you want to see the USB devices on your Mac Mountain Loin from the Virtual box, then don’t forget to install the Vitualbox Extension Pack.  You can download the same here.
  • It’s time to create the virtual machine. This is pretty easy to do. Just open your Virtualbox and select the New. Give your virtual machine a name and the choose the ‘Mac OS X Server (64-bit)’ from the OS type.
  • During the creation process you are asked to assign the RAM to your virtual machine. You can assign as much RAM memory you want to. But I recommend you to assign at least 2 GB RAM for better speed. Of course, you can assign more.
  • You will also be opted to select the hard drive type that you want to create for your Virtualbox. You can select any from VDI, VDMK, or VHD types.
  • Now your virtual machine is completely ready but few settings are required to make it to work. You can see the name of your virtual machine (the name that you assigned) in the left side of start up page of Virtualbox. Once opened, move to the settings option and uncheck the ‘Enable EFI’ from there.

  • After attempting this step, go to the Storage settings option. Try to find the CD icon labeled ‘Empty’ there. Select the Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file and choose the Hackboot 1 file from there, that you downloaded earlier.

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Install Mac OS X Lion

  • Finally it’ time to install the Mac OS X lion.  Start your virtual machine and start page will come up with Hackboot 1.  On the right side bottom, you can find CD icon there. Click this icon and click the ‘Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file’. From the pop up menu that appears there select the OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion bootable DVD.
  • Refresh the page and CD will get loaded properly. Now press the Next button and you will enter into the installation process of Mac OS X Mountain Loin.

  • Now you will be opted to select the destination folder to install the Mac OS X Loin.  To proceed with this step, you need to select the Disk Utility that you can select from the Utilities menu.
  • Now there you can see the Virtualbox hard disk in the options. Select it as destination folder to install Mac OS X Mountain Lion.  Click on the installation button and installation process will start immediately. It will take some time to install. So you need to be patient about it. You can track the installation process in the progress bar.

Boot It Up

  • Again click on the CD icon on the right bottom of Virtualbox screen. Click on select file option and this time select the Hackboot 2, that you have downloaded already. Now reboot the virtual machine and after getting restarted, you can see the Hackboot 2 option there. Click the Enter and you will be there on the Mac OS X Mountain Lion desktop.

Fix The Bugs

There may be some bugs in this Mac OS running on Windows 7 on Virtuabox. So it’s time to use Multibeast, that you have downloaded already.

To run it, go to the System Preferences in Mac OS X and roll over to Security section there.  From there deselect the “Gatekeeper” option and you will be able to run Multibeast. Choose the options in the Multibeast installations, shown in the screenshot below.

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Also you need to delete the ‘Kext’ file that causes errors. These files are hidden by default. So you need to un hide them first. To do so, go to the File -> Preferences .

Check ‘Hard disks’ under the Sidebar section there.  So the hidden files will be displayed on the sidebar. Select the ‘/System/Library/Extensions’ and from there delete the file named ‘AppleGraphicsControl.kext’.
Now you can unload the CD Hackboot1. Reboot the machine and you will be able to run Mac OS X Mountain Lion and that also along with the audio feature.


The process is complete. Running the Mac OS X Mountain With Windows 7 on Virtualbox is really a good practice and interesting thing to do. The process to do this is little bit lengthy and requires you to be patient.

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Along with the setup guide on how to install Mac OS X Mountain Lion with Windows 7 on Virtualbox, I have also listed the process to remove some audio related bugs from it.

Hope you like it. If you are facing any problem with any step of this installation guide and are unable to move on, then please do let us know about it by dropping your comments in the comment section below.

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6 Responses to “How to Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion with Windows 7 on Virtualbox”

  1. Kees Nergenshuizen

    Aug 12. 2012

    This works on Linux (Kubuntu) too. Thanks for the excellent howto!
    Before I could install I had to format the virtual disk with Disk Utility (1 partition).
    After installing I had to use -X on the startscreen, but after using multibeast that wasn’t necessary anymore.
    After using multibeast sound and cd from the host is working too.
    I gave it only 1300 kB memory, because I only use it to test sites. It’s a bit slow, but running Safari, Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome together is no problem.
    Installed on a 32 bit system, but with the 64bit server option in VirtualBox. Thanks a lot!

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  2. Gerald Wu

    Aug 17. 2012

    The link to the hackboot 1 site does not seem to be working for me. If anybody could help me, it would be much appreciated

    Reply to this comment
  3. Charles

    Sep 12. 2012

    Does not work for me… cant get hackboot1 load the dvd image… i got 2 “=S” on screen…

    Reply to this comment
  4. anonymous

    Oct 03. 2012

    The link does not work because this pace is a copy of the original one. Save your time and go to macbreaker. They have lots of info and the right links.

    Reply to this comment
  5. rahul prasad

    Dec 11. 2013

    i tried but it shows unable to find driver acpi\’ . \n”@/sourcecache/xnu/xnu-2050.7.9/iokernel/IOPlatformExpert.cpp:1546

    please help…..

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