How to Get File Manager on the HTC One

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How to Get File Manager on the HTC One: As you may already be knowing that we have recently got our hands on the HTC One, which is right now one of the most incredible and best selling Android smartphone in the market. We’ve been using it for a while now and have so far noticed many changes in the software & the UI as compared to what we see on Samsung devices. The HTC One doesn’t have an in built File Manager to browser all your files & folders present in your internal storage or your external SD card. But the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note that we have used earlier had a ‘My Files’ section in the apps drawer which allows users to view and manage the files & folders on the device. But that’s not the case on the HTC One, it doesn’t have a File Manager on board which could help users get access to all the stored files on the phone.


File Manager for the HTC One


So, what if you want to get access to your files & folders on the HTC One? It’s a ‘no need to worry about” concern, we can get jumped out of this problem by using an external File Manager application. There are tons of File Manager apps in the Google Play Store, you just need to choose one of them to get this problem sorted out. We have listed below a few recommended file management apps available for free in the Play Store for the HTC One:


ES File Explorer & Manager


ES File Manager is considered to be most sophisticated file management application for Android smartphones and tablets. It packs up tons of wonderful features & functionality that makes it the best file manager for Android. It’s an all in one application which doesn’t only allow you to view & manage your local files & folders but also lets you get access to your cloud content from Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box, Sugarsync, Yandex, Amazon S3 and Ubuntu One.


ES File Manager


Apart from that, it can also be used as a FTP & LAN client as well as a task manager. It also has a remote file manager which on having enabled allows users to remotely or wirelessly manage your files & folders on your computer or other similar devices. It also have a built in ZIP & RAR compressor and extractor to manage your compressed files on the go. Other features of the ES File Manager includes Bluetooth manager, root explorer, in built media player & photo viewer etc. You can download it for your HTC One or any other Android device from the Google Play link provided below:

Download ES File Manager for HTC One


ASTRO File Manager


ASTRO File Manager is the second best file manager that I’ll recommend to use on your Android device. Just like the ES File Manager, it comes up many amazing features and have some other special features that other file managers lack. Although, it doesn’t have as much functionality as the ES File Manager, but still provides users with the basic features to view and manage your device’s files effectively. This app has been downloaded over 40 million times so far from the Play Store, and thus recognized as one of the most efficient and useful file management app for Android. With this application, you cannot only browse, view & manage your local files & folders stored in the internal or external SD card, but you can also browse your files & folders stored in the cloud.


ASTRO File Manager


ASTRO File Manager provides complete compatibility with cloud locations such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft SkyDrive. Furthermore, you can also integrate your Facebook account with the file manager so as to be able to browse through your Facebook Photo Albums on the go, as well as download them to your device. ASTRO File Manager also provides an organized way to help you browse all your different types of content present on the phone. You can filter the photos, videos, music files and documents from the ‘Searches’ section and access them accordingly. There are few other features such as Application Backup Manager, integrate text & document viewer, FTP client, ZIP/TAR compression & extraction functionality, file downloader, task manager etc. which makes it one of the best Android file managers. You can download this application from the Google Play link given below:

Download ASTRO File Manager for HTC One


These are the File Managers that I personally use on my HTC One as a replacement to the in built file manager that I’ve been using on my other Android devices, which is unfortunately lacks on the HTC One. So, if you are having an HTC One, you can just go over to the Google Play Store, and get either ES File Manager or ASTRO File Manager downloaded and installed on your smartphone. Both of these file management apps are good in their own ways, however the ES File Manager have some more advanced features as compared to the ASTRO File Manager. But for normal purpose, you can freely choose any one of them to meet your file management needs. And if you are using any other file manager on your Android device and have found it to be good enough, then you may share about it with our readers in the comments. Waiting to hear from you guys. Peace!

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