How to Access ISP Blocked Websites

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How to Access ISP Blocked Websites – Check out how you can open and get on blocked sites for free: Want to browse your favourite site but find that it’s blocked? Have to get some info online but are unable to do so because of your ISP’s restrictions?. Well I will lay down the solution right here for you to browse blocked/censored sites. ISPs block content based on parameters like security and government regulations but it’s a shame that often, harmless sites with good content also get shoved into this heap of censored sites. It is especially frustrating when a site you regularly visit, one that used to open perfectly well suddenly becomes inaccessible.

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How to Access ISP Blocked Websites


Follow the below techniques and you’ll never find yourself struggling to open a blocked site again. I will show you 4 different ways to access blocked content online. Read on:


1. DNS Reconfiguration:


Often the simplest of solutions can provide a way out of a lingering problem. Simply put, a DNS server helps in fetching the address of the site you’re trying to visit. In many cases, if the DNS server setup is not properly configured it can lead to ‘Server Not Found’ type of errors. In the case of blocked sites, a simple DNS reconfiguration can restore access to blocked sites for you. You use your ISP provided DNS or Domain Name Servers by default and they may not always fetch web addresses properly. By changing them to public servers such as Google’s or OpenDNS can grant you access to censored sites.

  •  Once you reach the step where you input values for your new DNS servers use the following

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

  • You can alternatively use OpenDNS servers that are provided on this page. They are updated regularly.


  • Now restart the browser and you could access the blocked websites. That’s it.

If for some reason, this method doesn’t work you can follow the below methods to bypass ISP restrictions.


2. Using Proxies/Circumventors:


A proxy can be used to open and browse blocked websites. It’s basically a remote server that takes your request for website content and forwards it to the actual site server on which the website you’re trying to visit is hosted. This way the ISP doesn’t know that the blocked site is being browsed by you since you’re only sending requests to the proxy server.

I studied in a college where many sites were blocked including popular mail services like yahoo. Even the word ‘proxy’ is blocked on the local server preventing us from even searching for a good proxy online. So I searched for alternate names and improvised by searching for terms like Circumventor or Tunnel sites. Voila, I got access to all the content I wanted. Naturally, I shared it with everyone.

Here are a few proxy sites/services you can use for Free:

  • Go to and try the sample proxy/circumventor they give you on their homepage. If it doesn’t work just sign up by going here –
  • After signing up you’ll receive a fresh proxy every 3-4 days that should be good for those 4 days.
  • Alternatively you can try googling for proxy servers and you’ll find many links pointing to them.
  • If you are looking for working proxies, then check out this list of the best websites to find fresh proxy lists.


Proxy List

  • You can choose the proxy based on country, Uptime, Last updated etc. The list is quite extensive and is updated.



3. Using VPN or Tunneling Software:


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN provides anonymity through encryption along with access to blocked websites. VPNs offer security by encrypting all of your web traffic not just traffic from a particular browser, as is the case with browser addons et al. The only downside is most VPNs are paid ones. At least all the good ones are.

However that’s not to say there are no free VPNs at all. There are a few but their performance varies based on many factors. You can also use VPN or Tunneling Software to access blocked content. I show you how by giving a few examples below:

  •  You can try the CyberGhost VPN . Download and install their client to start browsing. Simple. They are the most generous VPN out there right now. They also allow Torrent downloads and P2P which’s cool. However they show some ads from time to time and the client disconnects every 6 hours. You can reconnect but it can be a hassle for some users to manually reconnect. The speed is good compared to all other VPNs though.
  •  You can also try the HotspotShield App. In the free version they provide 300MB of data usage per day so it’s good enough for casual browsing and in testing it is quite fast with very less number of hiccups compared to other software. If you scroll to the bottom of their page you can see links to download sections for various platforms.
  • Another free VPN client is from the guys at SecurityKiss. Their free service also offers 300Mb of traffic per day making it ideal for casual browsing.
  • Another option is the 100% free service offered by  VPNBook. They have detailed setup guides as to how to go about setting up a VPN on your PC too. Pay a visit to setup your VPN and access blocked sites.


  • Lastly you can use TOR, the much touted anonymity expert. You can try the software by visiting the site page and picking your platform. There are manuals and installation guides on how to setup Tor. If you’re not an advanced user, you can just download the TOR Browser Bundle. It offers more anonymity than many VPNs but at the risk of compromising on speed of browsing. Try it once. You may like it.


4. Using Firefox Addons:


The simplest method yet can be to use Firefox browser add-ons to access restricted sites. Firefox, the beast of a browser provides hundreds of add-ons for customizing and quite a few of them provide one click proxy setup for anonymous and free browsing of your desired sites even if they’re blocked.

A list of Firefox browser add-ons is available to enable secure browsing and also to hide you from the prying eyes of your ISP. Follow the steps to install an add-on to browse safely and open blocked sites:

  • Make sure you have Firefox installed. If not, get it here. It’s an awesome browser.
  • Go here and get the AnonymoX add-on. Install and restart your browser. That’s it.

Firefox AnonymX

  • You can alternatively try add-ons such as: Stealthy , Proxmate , Proxy-Tool , Maafiafire etc.


There you go folks, You can choose any of the methods detailed above to bypass the restrictions imposed by your ISP to get content from your favourite websites. Hope you found some useful Info here.We firmly believe in Internet freedom and the notion that users should have the right to privacy on the Internet. Please voice your views in the comments section below.

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  1. open blocked sites

    Nov 30. 2013

    good it is the simplest method to open blocked sites very easy

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  2. Vir J

    Dec 05. 2013

    This helped me alot after struggling with my ISP to unblock some blocked websites which were actually my client websites on which i were working upon.

    Thanks alot for sharing.


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  3. Alan

    Jan 06. 2014

    Just curious, how does something get blocked by the ISP?

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    • Sam

      Mar 11. 2015

      Hi Alan,
      Well, in India at least, many ISPs throttle the bandwidth and often block sites that host torrents, huge files etc. I have seen a couple of popular file sharing sites blocked as well.

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