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5 Flares 5 Flares × Login : Having an email account has become a necessity nowadays. Email account is like identity of any person. There are hundreds of online Email accounts offering services. Choosing the one out of them can be head aching task. But you don’t have to try out all the email services as Gmail is there for you. is an email account service from the search giant Google. Most of the people use Email account for business person and in such cases, the security of email account is must. That’s why everyone needs an email account with full security features and this is what Gmail offers.

If we talk about the security features in Gmail, then you can set the security questions along with the strong password. The best security feature, that I like most in the Gmail is the Alert For Invalid Activity. The process is based on IP address tracking system. If you sign in to your Gmail account and then after some time other person tries to sign in the account from some different country, from where no usual activity is there on Gmail account, then Gmail will alert you about it.  Gmail will show you complete details of the suspicious activity. You can change your password from the alert page itself.

Let’s have a fast look at the benefits of using Gmail

  • Email service from God Father Of Internet, Google
  • Free to use
  • Can be used to have simple and fast access to other services by Google
  • Best security features
  • Simple user interface

Gmail is recommended to everyone to complete his/her email needs. Signing Up for Gmail account is completely free and easy. If you wish to have your email account at Gmail, then read ahead and Just follow the below steps to get your email ID at Gmail.


Gmail Sign Up Steps


  • Sign Up or registration process consists or involves the following processes or steps.
  • First of all, point to Come on, it will redirect to the login page. So don’t get shocked by seeing the long URL in your address bar.
  • On the top tight side, you can find the option to sign up. Just click on it to open the sign up page.
  • Fill the details asked by this sign up page which involves your name, age etc. You are also required to enter the username. The username is going to be your mail id. For example, if you enter ABC, then your mail id will be The username is subjected to the availability.
  • If your desired username is not available, then Gmail will give you a list of few other usernames, resembling to your desired one. Just pick any one of them or keep trying the Hit and Trial to get your desired username.
  • Just enter the captcha. This is required to prove that you are a human being. Click the ‘Next’ to proceed ahead.
  • Google may ask you to verify your account by getting a code on your mobile phone. So do the same.
  • You are done, you are now finished with the Sign Up process.
That’s it. Now you have got your own email account at By the way, Google+ profile is given as gift to you by Google. I know, you may not be interested in using Google+. But a ‘gift’ is ‘gift’ , either bad or good. Login Login Login : When we are talking about login, we mean to say how you can sign in to your previously created Gmail account and start using it straight away. To log into your Gmail account and start sending emails, just go to this link : Once the webpage is loaded, you can type in your email ID or address in the “Username” box of the page, along with your dedicated password in the respective character input box.

Some Essential Tips

The world has got some naughty mates in it and you are secured online only till you don’t come across them. Just go through the pages of newspaper and you will find many cyber crime news. Same hanky- panky can take place with you. But yes, having your email account in ensures you a better security as what other provides. Still a knowledge regarding this is essential to be at the complete safe edge. So let’s have a look at some essential tips.

  • Never share your password with anyone. Well, I don’t think that I had listed it here as you are intelligent enough, still the swears of friendship can compel you to share your password with your friends. So don’t get trapped in such old, but working trick.
  • Want to open your Gmail account and friends are staring at your keyboard, like they never seen it before? Well, I know how weird this situation is. But make a fool of others by typing any random password on keyboard and in actually, signing into your account using the virtual keyboard. Just try it, it’s hell lot fun.
  • Setup your mobile number with your Gmail account. It plays a vital role in securing your email account from unauthorized access as if any one tries to login into your account, then he/she is required to provide the identity by getting a code on the registered mobile number. Well, as they can’t do so, so they can’t access your Gmail account.
  • If any person tries to login into your Gmail account with any app, then Google simply tracks it and sends you an email to confirm that app is being used by you. If there is any suspicious attempt,  just change your password immediately.
  • Don’t ever close the Gmail account page without logging out. Some serious attack over the air, specially when you are accessing it on a WiFi network, can result in, simple access by anyone else, using the cookies.
  • Don’t open your Gmail account from any public places. Mostly, the public computers have software like Keyloggers installed on them. Such software tracks every word written by you. So don’t login into your account, unless, highly needed.
Well, Gmail is the best email service, when it comes to security. Still you are also responsible for the safety of your Gmail account. If you go and write down your password in Notice Board and requires the Gmail to secure it, then sorry my friend! Over confidence is a dangerous thing. Many have proved it already. I hope that you don’t join their queue.
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