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5 Responses to “Forgot Gmail Password – How to Recover Your Gmail Account?”

  1. udbhav

    Aug 13. 2013

    thank you for the precious article

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  2. Vijay

    Dec 06. 2013

    Hi sam….
    My gmail account has been hacked and is used by some other person…..The hijacker has changed my security info like recovery email, etc…
    I have filled up the account recovery form….they replied me that i”m able to sign in….Ans asked me to use application specific password..but i havent created any before
    But i have all the proof to prove the account is mine..
    And when i run software you mentioned (2) i get all the information of my account password…but its the old one..and cant sign in…
    Will i be able to recover my email ID…..Please reply…..If you want any info mail me…

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  3. David

    Jan 10. 2014

    Few days ago i have same problem some one hacked my gmail account i just call (1-888-451-4815) third party technical support company they charge me little amount after that unhacked my gmail account. Now i am using same gmail account.

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  4. Abhishekraj

    Feb 12. 2014

    Radha sham rodh arnjun nagnr

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