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Facebook, being the most popular and widely used social networking website, is also one of my favorite time passing and fun having sites on the internet. I usually do not get much free time to spend but whenever I get some spare time besides my full time studies and blogging, I just go to facebook.com, start chatting with my friends as well as interact with them in many other ways such as uploading photos, updating statuses, commenting on others’ pictures & statues etc. You can also access Facebook on your mobile phone and accessing it from mobile devices is much faster and easier as compared to what we experience while using it on desktop or laptop. And if you are one of those people who doesn’t have an established or faster internet connection, and now facing problems while loading and using facebook.com on your PC, then what can you do to be able to use it flawlessly with a much faster speed ? In such a case, you can make use of the mobile user interface of Facebook on your computer which will obviously fasten your experience of using Facebook on any desktop or laptop. To do so, all you need to do is to visit – m.facebook.com in your PC’s internet browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and then log into your account straight away.

Facebook Mobile Login

After opening m.facebook.com with your web browser, you will be presented with a login screen, so just type in your user name & password in the appropriate blank boxes and click on “Log In“. If the provided login credentials are correct, then you will be taken into your Facebook account in a mobile compatible interface. There will be a blue bar at the top of the screen from where you can check your notifications, messages & friend requests, apart from that, there will be also a button in that bar which will let you sort out all the most recent stories or the most popular stories simultaneously. Besides, there will be an exclusive button in the selection bar which will provide you access to your own profile such as “Priyangshu Borgohain” (that’s my profile name), open your news feed, messages, nearby friends (based on check-ins), events, check your friends, pages, groups, applications (apps), categorized friends, view your subscriptions & subscribers, go to the help center, account settings, privacy & terms, report a bug and finally, it will let you log out from your Facebook account.


Facebook Mobile Interface


There will be options to update a new status, upload a photo and check in your location, right below the top navigation bar. So, just click on a particular option such as “Status” to update something into your FB account as well as perform other two functions. Right below that, you will get to see the current birthdays of your friends and next to that, you will be viewed with all the new stories associated with your account such as new status updates, uploaded photos, tagged pictures, shared links and other things performed by your Facebook friends. You will be presented with more and more stories when you do a scroll down in your browser. That’s it, you are now familiar with almost all the features of Facebook Mobile and are now ready to use m.facebook.com on your PC. Enjoy :).

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