How to Enable / Disable Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome

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Adobe Flash Player is an essential plugin or runtime program for every computer, that enables you to run or play animations, videos, rich media files, sound files and other web based media files effortlessly. It’s a cross platform plugin, which is available for different browsers as well as for standard operating systems. Flash Player is integrated and enabled in Google Chrome by default, and the latest version is included in each new release of Google Chrome browser. So, if you are using Chrome as your default browser, then there’s no need of worrying about updating Flash Player every time a new release comes out.

Flash Player

But if you are having troubles playing videos, sounds and animations online in Chrome, then it may be possible that Flash Player accidentally got disabled and here’s a tutorial to enable it again. And preferably if you are trying to get it disabled for some reason, you can read this guide to disable Flash Player with a few clicks.


How to Enable / Disable Flash Player in Chrome


Chrome Plugins


(1) First of all, open your Google Chrome browser and type this in your address bar:


(2) All your installed plugins will now be shown in that page. Flash Player should be on the top of the list. If it is disabled, there will be an option to “Enable” and if it is already enabled, there will be an option to “Disable“.

(3) Just click on that option, and you will be able to enable / disable in your Google Chrome browser.

Special Case: If you want to install the plugin separately on your system, you can download Adobe Flash Player from this LINK.

You might find this useful too: Installing Adobe Flash Player on an Android Jelly Bean Device

Download for PC

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