Download the Best Android Emulators for Windows PC – Run Android Apps & Play Android Games on Your Computer

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The Android devices are getting launched one day after the other and developers are working hard to develop amazing apps and games for the same.

This has resulted in a huge count of amazing apps & games in Android’s official app store Google Play, and is following the uptrend. Do you like to run Android apps and games on your Android device?

Oh! you don’t have any Android device, and just seen your friend having a hell lot fun with his/her Android device? Frustrated? You must be!

Do you know that you can run Android apps and play Android games on your Windows PC. Yeah, it’s pretty simple to do and all you need is an Android Emulator for your Windows PC.



Undoubtedly the best. BlueStacks Android Emulator allows you to run almost every Android app and play any Android  game on your Windows PC. The first and foremost. the emulator has got simple user interface that enables users to perform every task with ease. All you need is to have the Android game or app that you wish to run.

Once you have it, just right click on it and open it with ‘BlueStacks’. The emulator will install your app or game in no time. Though the apps and games run buttery, but one can experience some issues while playing the 3D games. The ‘Nifty’ search options lets you search for your favorite app or game with ease.



Another well-known Android Emulator for Windows PC. The latest version of emulator allows you to run games and apps that the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich supports, and yes, the count is very huge. You can re-size the Windows to meet your desire, can rotate the screen, can find new games and apps from search option, and can save the games because of simulated memory card feature that you get in the emulator. The emulator comes with a free trial version. If you like it, then you can opt for full version.

Jar of Beans

Jar of Beans

The best part about this Android Emulator is that it supports the apps and games that can run on Android Jelly Bean. Since Jelly Bean is latest version of Android, so you can expect each game and app to be running smoothly on your PC.

The emulator lets you search for apps & games with its search feature. You can change the screen-mode to Full, Tablet or can also define your own size requirement. The emulator features Visual SD card that allows you to save the games and apps, in the same manner as a user does on user’s Android device.

Download for PC

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