How to Download / Save a WhatsApp Profile Picture

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How to Download a WhatsApp Profile Picture – Learn how to download or save some other person’s profile picture on WhatsApp with a few easy steps: Before I dive into this post, let me ask you a very simple question- how many of you like to stay in touch with loving beings via smartphone? I guess, all! Personally, I like to do so, and use plenty of apps for this purpose. Yeah, the instant messaging apps are what I am talking about. Out of all apps I have used so far, the best I have found is ‘WhatsApp’. I am simply in love with this app. It’s simple to use and just work like normal messaging service. It has helped me to save a big money on my monthly message packs, so far. Chances are quite high that you are also having this incredible instant messaging app on your smartphone, have you? If yes, then just continue reading this article. Will pull off the curtains, later!


The day since I have been using WhatsApp, I have come across many tips and tricks about it. Yeah, I have implemented them as well. If you also want to enhance your experience on WhatsApp, then you should implement these tips and tricks right away. If not all, you should at least implement the trick by which you can download profile picture of a person on WhatsApp.

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Wondering what I said just? Let me repeat that in the questioning format-  Would you like to download profile picture of a person on WhatsApp? Yes? Oh, Come on! Don’t argue with me that WhatsApp does not allow to do that; I know it very well. And yes, downloading profile picture of a person on WhatsApp is not done via any official feature of WhatsApp. It is done by implementing a trick. In better words, you can say that it’s flaw in WhatsApp. I guess you are immense curious to know about how to download profile picture of a person on WhatsApp, aren’t you? Bring a happy end to your curiosity by reading out the article ahead.


How to Download / Save a WhatsApp Profile Picture


Before I write the step-by-step guide, I would like to tell you why downloading profile picture of a person on WhatsApp is possible, even when there is no feature to do so. Actually, the thing is that whenever you open a profile picture, it gets saved to  /sdcard/WhatsApp/Profile Pictures, without your willingness. Of course, it’s big privacy concern, and that’s why I would suggest you to select your WhatsApp profile picture wisely.

Anyway, I guess you have got the idea about how to download profile picture of a person on WhatsApp, but still, helping you in my duty. Let me do it. Here are the steps you need to follow:




  • Obviously, the first step is to open WhatsApp on your device. Do it!
  • Be clear in mind about the person in your contact list whose profile picture you wish to download. Being that set in mind, just go to the chat screen of intended person.
  • Now just tap on page, that will bring up the Contact Info page.
  • Just click on the profile picture, so as to open it in full screen.
  • The clicked profile picture will appear in full screen.
  • Now what? Just close the WhatsApp.
  • Head over to the WhatsApp directory on your device.
  • Open the folder named ‘Profile Pictures’. It contains all profile pictures that you opened in full screen mode. Yeah, the profile picture that you just opened, also lies here only. It will have the intended person’s contact number as its name. Open that image.


That’s it! You have got the profile picture of person on WhatsApp, with you now. Share it, Edit it, Do anything that wish to do. You don’t always need an option or button to get something done in this technological world, you just need to know the tweaks to get this done easily, effortlessly, fast and get done what seems impossible to do. If you are a WhatsApp user, and found this tutorial helpful – then please help this post spread by sharing it with your friends’ circle and on your social networking profiles, so that other WhatsApp users can find it helpful and useful. Thanks for reading, keep yourself updated with us for more tips, tricks and tweaks.

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