How to Create Remix of Songs in Virtual DJ

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Do you like listening to music? Well, the answer is of course, YES. Everyone likes Music. There are numerous kind of music categories in which some of them are soft, some weird, some loud, some romantic and many more. But what if you want to mix your favorite songs on your own. Those of you who wishes to become a full music freak here’s your treat. You would get to know how you can create Remix of songs with Virtual DJ. This is the most used computer software to perform DJ-ing within the computer, and even mix up tracks of your own. However, you can also go for other alternative DJ Software, or get a good Karaoke Software.

Virtual DJ

Fortunately we have Virtual DJ which can land us to our dreamland. This software carries uncountable functionality and it can make us enable to make our favorite remixes within it. Sounds cool. Isn’t it?

Virtual DJ is a great piece of Music equipment that too for free. Here we’ll be teaching you how you can make changes and create a remix song of your favorite play up. For that, you need to download this Virtual DJ software from the web. This software is for free and you can directly install it without any requirements. In case, you are not aware from where to download this, you can get it from the below link.

How to Create Remix of Songs in Virtual DJ


Mixing your favorite Tracks by using this Virtual DJ software is not a big deal. It needs just a lil bit patience and your interest towards it. This software holds numerous tools to mix up your music. The only problem is you are not yet aware of those tools. Even if you’ve used this software in past, you got to check it better.

You can mix your tracks by using a loop, adding trance, adding effects, sampler, Clue and sync. These are the basic options from which you can easily make a new remixed song. By applying this effect on your current track you can have a brand new remix song which is made by only you. Here are some screenshots which can give you an idea of making a remix of a particular song.

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The very first thing, you need to do is downloading this Virtual DJ software. (You can download this software from the above link for free.) After this, you need to open this software. There you can have two two decks to play your songs. It means you can play two different tracks at the same time.

By now, you just need to add or drag songs on which you need to apply your own talent. You can drag songs from your PC directly on both the decks. There are some simple control buttons of Play Push and other and I’m sure that you are quite familiar with all those buttons. After adding songs on both decks you can start making remix of them. You can add all the above mentioned effects whenever you want to. Can cut the loop and play it whenever you want and many more. To make a decent remix of your selected songs, you can sync them and then shift the play keys. Check out the effects’ screenshots below.










That’s all buddy. Just follow the procedure and the steps carefully to be able to create up a remix of your favorite song, or even mix up multiple songs to create a mashup with the help of Virtual DJ. But make sure to add up songs of similar & relevant tunes, so that your remixed song sounds fabulous. Do share with us your views about making remixed songs in Virtual DJ, and if you personally do other steps to make the remixed tune even much sweeter, then please mind to share about it with our readers.


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