Download Contra for PC, Contra Game for Computer (Windows 7/8/XP/Vista)

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Download Contra for PC, Play Contra Game on Computer (Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista): In this technological world, I am just one out of millions of tech addicts who own a smartphone and separate gaming console. Like many, I am a big gaming addict and love to play games whenever I have time. The high-end graphics of the games getting developed nowadays, make them realistic. Although the games of today are good, but still, nothing can pass the fun level that I used to have while playing games in my childhood. Those games were not graphically rich, but from fun point of view, the were at the top. In fact, they are still at the top. Talking about such games, the name Contra is what comes in mind at first. I bet that if you were born anywhere in the 90’s, then you must be familiar with this game. Like me, you must have played this game for several years. have you? If yes is your call, then you must be willing to play this game right away! But how to do so? Well, the answer is – play Contra game on PC.


Yes, Contra game is available for PC. You can download Contra game for PC by following the download link that I’ll be providing in this article. But before I provide the link for Contra game for PC free download, I would like to introduce the gameplay of this game to those who don’t know already.

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Contra for PC Gameplay


Contra Gameplay

Like I said already, this game is not graphically rich, but come on, it’s not the graphics that make any game entertaining, but the concept. In this game, you are a commando who is sent to jungle to destroy the alien threat. The task allotted to you is damn tough. Many enemies are there to stop you on your way. Your enemies are with guns, bombs, and are always ready to make you past. You are supposed to make them past so that you can move ahead. The machine guns, deadly monsters; all are there. To kill them is what is your task. If you are able to do so, the level will complete. The higher level means more difficulty, and yes, more fun, of course. To help you in your way, you are treated with some powers which are not given any name, but a single alphabet only.

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Download Contra for PC – Play Contra Game on Computer


Although the gameplay of any game can’t be defined in words, but still, I tried my best to do so. I hope you have got attracted to the Contra game for PC, and are now curious to download it, right? If yes, then just click the link given below.

Contra Game for PC Free Download

After downloading the game, just double click on the file to run it. Follow the on screen instructions to install the game. After that, start playing this Contra game on your PC. At last, share your views and opinions about this game in the comments. I’m sure it will bring up the old memories of your child when you used to play it on your video gaming console. This is one of my all time favorite games, I’ll rate it as fantastic. What about you? Describe this game in one word in the comment section below!

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Download for PC

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