Candy Crush Saga for PC Free Download (Windows 7/8/XP/Vista/Mac)

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Candy Crush Saga for PC Free Download (Windows 7/8/XP/Vista/Mac)Do you like to play games from your smartphones? Are you a gaming freak? I’m sure you do like to play games from your smartphones either to spend some free time or you are a freak. In other words, everyone likes to play games whether they are children or oldies, games have that much potential to attract any sort of persons towards to it. Apart from all this, Android is the best smartphone platform as it has got thousands of apps and games in its own hub, Google Play. You can have hundreds of different games in terms of your requirements. What more could you expect? Candy Crush Saga for PC is now available. The game which gone viral is now available for your PC. Check out the details from here!

Candy Crush Saga Main


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Candy Crush Saga is on the top of the list of the most played games ever. This game is widely available for all the major smartphone platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and many others. Interestingly, it is available on Facebook Game Centre too and many Facebook users do like to spend their time by playing this game online. It’s amazing, I guess!

Fortunately, Candy Crush Saga is available for your Android device for free. If you owned an Android smartphone, you can easily pick it out directly from the Google Play Store. To add more, you can play this game instantly as it has got pretty simple and decent user interface. You need not to be an expert to play this game, all it needs is your patience and your enthusiasm. You are here to install this game on your PC, right? Well, we have made a simple step by step tutorial with proper guidelines in each steps which will show you how you can download and install this game right away on your PC. Before we get into this, we have enlisted a few amazing features of this game. Have a look!

Features of Candy Crush Saga for Android

  • Tasty and spicy user interface that will leave you hungry to grab some more Candies
  • Easy and fun to play game with a lot of amazing levels to be completed
  • Be expert and get more benefits by completing one by one different levels
  • Candy Crush Saga gives you more than 100 different levels to enjoy the time
  • Leaderboards for you and your friends
  • To get the most out of these challenging level you will be provided different boosters and charms
  • Allows you to let synchronize the game with your Facebook account
  • You can share your score and many updates on your Facebook profile easily and much more

Amazed? I think there much features are more than enough to make anyone amazed. And trust me, this game has got everything to drop your jaws down just by giving its very first hands-on. Candy Crush Saga is that much addictive. And you can’t just deny it after getting the very first hands-on. Now, let’s see how you can get this so charming and wonderful game for your PC. Tutorial lies below!

Candy Crush Saga for PC Free Download

Step 1 :

Make sure you have installed a proper Android emulator on your PC. If not, kindly install one now. If you don’t know from where to download this emulator, follow the below given link. Click on to the link and choose your current system of your PC. And hit the download button.

Download Bluestacks for Windows and Mac

Step 2 :

Download process will take some time, wait until it gets done. After completing it, click on to the run option and let Bluestacks be installed on your PC.

Step 3 :

See, it’s loading right there on your screen.

Candy Crush Saga for PC 1

Step 4 :

There will be home page of Bluestacks with many kinds of different options. Click on to the Search box.

Candy Crush Saga for PC 2

Step 5 :

In the search box enter Candy Crush Saga and hit the Find button which is right there.

Candy Crush Saga for PC 3

Step 6 :

Candy Crush Saga will be there on your screen with a separate Install button. You need to hit on to that button.

Candy Crush Saga for PC 4

Step 7 :

Complete the instructions and you’ll be redirected to the Google Play Store instantly. Click on to the install button, accept the terms and conditions and you’re done. Downloading process of Candy Crush Saga will be started right away.

Candy Crush Saga for PC 5

Step 8 :

It takes several minutes to complete the downloading process as the game is of more than 42 MBs in size. After this, come back to the home page and click on to the My Apps button. Candy Crush Saga is right there.

Candy Crush Saga for PC 6

Step 9 :

Click on to the icon of this game and you’re good to go by then!

You have successfully installed Candy Crush Saga game on your PC. Kindly note that, Bluestacks Emulator is the best Android emulator which works well on Windows PCs and Mac System. So, there’s no need to get worried, you can have the best gaming experience along with this emulator.

If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to let us know. Put your valuable words as a comment below the post in the comment box. We would like to hear from you.

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  1. Asuoele Asutrof

    Nov 24. 2013

    wew..downloading bluestacks really is time consuming

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  2. d b cooper

    Dec 05. 2013

    candy cane crashed nothing works now

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  3. d b cooper

    Dec 05. 2013

    OK cot it working but its jittery how to end shakes

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  4. Name (required)

    Dec 08. 2013

    how to download candy crush saga please inform that

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  5. bios_rezak

    Dec 19. 2013

    cannot play candy crush…
    no pic

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  6. shyam

    Jan 02. 2014

    Thank you so much for deployed this Start BlueStacks apps. i really like. i use windows 8 and i installed this software on my laptop. it;s awesome. now my laptop looks Android phone not a windows computer. i can install all Google play game to my windows 8 laptop. hank you so much and i recommended this software to all windows 8.1 user friends……:)

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