Download the Best RocketDock Themes / Skins 2013

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Do you want to get a new Mac look of your Windows PC? Are you just bored with the same UI of your PC? Then you might have heard about the Rocketdock tool. RocketDock is fully customizable tool or theme for your Windows which allows its users to make many changes by installing additional applications, skins and icons. Here in this article you would get numerous awesome skins for your Rocketdock theme, to make changes of your Desktop home. Here’s the full list of RockerDock Skins. 

1. Mac OS X Leopard Skin :


It looks pretty decent and can gives you the same look as if like you are using a Mac in real. This skin is transparent and can changes the colors itself while doing the tasks on our PC. You can get this skin from the below link.

Install Mac OS X Leopard Skin :

2. Simple Dark :


As the name says, Simple dark is a skin which makes your desktop look totally black. Icons tray will be looking awesome after installing this skin. You can get this skin from the below link.

Install Simple Dark :

3. Tron Light! :


Tron Light skin contains a heavy graphical look. This looks just awesome and you will really like this skin. It will show you some gadgets and taskbar on your right side of the Desktop with some kind of catchy icons. Get it from the below link.

Install Tron Light! :

4. Smoked Glass Set X 3 :


This skin looks a real one as if like your desktop’s display blows smoke from it. Smoked Glass skin gives you a real touch of smoke and you would amazed by installing it on your RocketDock. You can get it from the below link right away.

Install Smoked Glass Set X 3 :

5. Holographic Theme :


This skin contains total 128 different icons. You can select your favorite on for a desired app or tool or place. You can make your whole shortcuts tray look stunning with these amazing icons. It looks pretty decent and good. Try it out from the below link.

Install Holographic Theme :

6. Dark Phoenix :


Dark Phoenix skin is there with a horrible and good looking shortcuts tray. The icons looks just catchy and the it’s graphics can surely attracts you at a very first glance. You can get this instant Skin from the below link.

Install Dark Phoenix :

7. Vector:


This skin is something like what you are waiting for. IT carries numerous icons and an eye catchy gestures. Moreover, you can play your music right away by adding a new icon and it can show you your current music player on the screen with a new look. Get it now from the below link.

Install Vector :

8. Appolon :


Simple in look yet much effective graphic that this Appolon skin is having. You would like it for sure. It makes your desktop look like a smartphone’s skin. Take a look and download it from the below link.

Install Appolon :

9. Alienware Evolution Dock :


If you are something related to hacker or a game’s coder then you would surely like this skin as it gives you a same look like you are working for a special mission. You can ignore this if you don’t like a messy look of your desktop. Take a look and get it installed right away from the below link.

Install Alienware Evolution Dock :

10. Far Cry 3 v1 & v2 :


The most popular real looking skin for your RocketDock theme is here. Far Cry will get you a Samurai look of your desktop. You will feel like you’re exploring a new world of forest and new characters all around. Grab this skin now, from the below link.

Install Far Cry 3 v1 & v2

Download for PC

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