Top 10 Best Chat Apps for Android 2013

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Now a days, technology moves like a speed of rocket. Everyone owns a smartphone with numerous features and function. We can do many things within this smartphones. If you have a smartphone you must be using it to chat with your friends and your loved ones. Aren’t you? I’m sure you do. For that, with respect to the current tech era, we have enlisted some of the best chat or we can say messaging apps for your Android smartphones. You can pick anyone from the list, they all are much impressive. Take a look!


Messenging Apps

Top 10 Best Chat Apps for Android 2013- Free Download

1. Whatsapp :

This is the best chat apps in the current time. Whatsapp is one of the most popular Instant messaging apps which is available for various mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Bada, Nokia and Blackberry. This app is just amazing and everyone should own this one in their smartphone. A quick way to ping your friends is only this app. You can get this app directly from Google play store for Android devices. This app is of no cost, you can get this app for free. A must have app for your smartphone.

Check out this list of Whatsapp alternatives that you can use as instant messaging software on your Windows based computer.

2. eBuddy Messenger :

This Messenger holds many services within it. eBuddy is the only app which can synchronize all of your social networks to make a chat. Networks like Orkut, MSN, Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, GTalk, MySpace & Hyves. You just need to create an account and one by one add the above networks to this app and you’re done! You can enjoy all your contacts here and can start chatting right away from this app.

3. Viber Chat :

Viber has grown into a popular free calling app over various platforms like Android and iOS. You are allowed to add as many contacts as you can add, and can send unlimited messages to your friends who have installed this messenger app on their device. Added, you can make a free HD video call with this app. You should give it a try.

4. ChatPlus :

ChatPlus is a quick way to chat with your friends. This app is available for free to install on your Android devices. You can easily get this app for free. With this app you can exchange anything to your friends like photos, videos, texts, documents or anything. This app gives you a smoother and faster experience.

5. ChatOn :

Samsung offers this amazing Chaton app in many of its devices. This app puts a great competition in this field and can easily stand besides to Whatsapp. You can chat with your friends personally or can make a group chat to. Of course you can send photos, videos, ringtones any lots more within this app.

6. Skype :

This app lets you enable to send free IMs and video calls to your friends and relatives over the world. You need not to pay anything to make a video call or to send an IM. This app holds all the things of no cost. This app is free for Android devices.

7. GroupMe :

As the name speaks GroupMe, allows you to prepare your own group. You can add your personal contacts from your favorite social networks too in this app. From this app you can send messages to your friends on a local internet connections, like if your internet connection gets sick it can automatically sends messages from your messages. So he/she will receive your messages at the time of sending. You can show maps to your friends and this is the unique feature of this chat app. Grab it now.

8. WeChat :

This messaging app is available in total 18 different languages to try. This app comes in two versions, a free one and a pro one. Initially, you can use its free version which allows you to make a video call, voice call, chat and much more.

9. Trillian :

This android app lets you enable to send IMs and Facebook message to your friends and relatives. You can send a direct picture from this app with a single tap. Trillian allows you to use this app from the web too. You can synchronize this app from your device to web and can use this app on your PC too.

10. IMO Messenger :

This app is specially designed to make voice calls. However, you can enjoy the speed of its chat too. It allows you to send messages very instantly. This app is as same as like eBuddy Messenger. It too allows you to add multiple networks in it and can enjoy chatting with all of your networks friends on the go. You can send photos, videos, files, texts and much more to all the networks within this single app.


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    Jul 23. 2014

    I would like to add one more suggestion to this beautiful list of apps: Photo4tune. It’s an alternative to text messaging and other chat apps like whatsapp, snapchat and wechat. It combines all the premium features of these app and is more secure when compared to the rest. Must try it. Its available in Playstore!

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